Posted on April 30, 2015


AirPlay Direct is excited to partner with George Marinelli to release his music to global radio and his fans around the world.

“George is an amazing talent!  Over the years he has created a style and a sound of his own that is unique, yet sounds warm and familiar at the same time… a very cool cat!”  Robert Weingartz, Chairman / Creator - AirPlay Direct

George has had a truly incredible career and created and worked with musical royalty.  Some of the artists he has recorded and toured with are: Bruce Hornsby & The Range (founding member), Bonnie Raitt (current), Billy and The Beaters, James Taylor, Dixie Chicks, Willie Nelson, Vince Gill, Ray Charles, Art Garfunkel, Robert Earl Keen, Wynona Judd, Cliff Richard, Peter Cetera, Shawn Colvin, Jackson Brown, Colin Hay, and many more.

"AirPlay Direct is a deep and powerful resource for anyone who makes music, even more so considering the current state of the music biz.  Robert and Lynda Weingartz have gone above and beyond with personal hands-on service.  Plus, Robert is a helluva canasta player."  George Marinelli, Artist - Songwriter – Producer

 American family, where his dad worked for the railroad and his mom took care of him and his two sisters. Most of his aunts, uncles, and cousins were in walking distance. He could walk a few blocks in any direction and encounter almost every imaginable ethnic group, see how they lived, smell their cooking, and most important of all, hear their music. Even at an early age, before he played an instrument, his ears were opened to a very wide palette of music and culture. His family then moved to Los Angeles in his 14th year and for his 15th birthday present he got a very inexpensive acoustic guitar. LA was a pretty good breeding ground for a budding guitarist. George spent many an hour alone playing along to recordings and eventually he became capable enough to be in bands, and much later to start making a living in music.

He was fortunate enough to start playing recording sessions at a fairly young age, and played in any band that would have him. An early recording he was on went “Top 5” and more work started to come his way. He juggled being in many bands with his session work. He always kept as many balls in the air as he could handle.

George currently still plays sessions, produces indie albums, writes and records his own albums, and has played guitar in Bonnie Raitt's Band since 1993.

About AirPlay Direct is an artist marketing, promotion, and education platform that delivers premium digital services and is the leading secure digital file transfer system for the music industry.  We are a centralized, professional eco-system that connects artists, labels, radio stations, as well as equipment and services. All of our subscribers are qualified music industry participants.  We have a national and international reach of 9,500+ radio station members in 90 countries with over 39,000 artist / label members.  We give direct access to the primary target market of artists, musicians, labels, and radio stations of all musical genres.

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