Posted on March 26, 2015


AirPlay Direct is pleased to announce our 10 year anniversary serving the global music community at large.  The company has now grown to over 39,000 artist / label members and over 9,400 radio station members in 90+ countries globally.  A truly amazing feat considering the disruption, turmoil and change the industry has experienced during that period of time.

“I could not be more proud of the contribution that AirPlay Direct has consistently made in helping to shape and create this dramatically evolving global industry during a very difficult time.  There have been countless hours and resources invested in developing AirPlay Direct, all of our members, their careers and their brands.  2015 is already shaping up to be a banner year for AirPlay Direct, with several new and exciting partnerships and opportunities to be announced soon.”  Robert Weingartz, Chairman & Creator – AirPlay Direct

"The service AirPlay Direct offers is simply the best of its kind, and is probably the best help artists, labels and broadcasters have come across in the past decade in their efforts to connect good music with a growing radio audience. Robert and Lynda Weingartz have an extremely passionate, creative approach to doing business, and are well versed in the latest trends in the entertainment industry. Once they commit to a business agreement, you can expect 110%. I come away from every meeting with Robert and Lynda with six or seven great new ideas, and I am very appreciative of their support of bluegrass music and IBMA.”  Nancy Cardwell, Consultant and former Executive Director, IBMA

"AirPlay Direct has consistently delivered information about our music and our artists to radio stations around the world, which has been a critical component in the success of our marketing efforts. AirPlay Direct’s Executive Team has always provided us great personal service. We wish all our suppliers / partners were this concerned about helping us grow our business!

Digital delivery of music to radio globally, is not only the future of the music industry, but it is a very important component of our day-to-day business strategy. We anticipate that our business with AirPlay Direct will continue to grow dramatically. We are honored to recommend AirPlay Direct to anyone in the music industry.”  Bruce Iglauer, President & Founder – Alligator Records

“I am so honored to have been named the very first Artist Ambassador for AirPlay Direct.  I realize that is a bit of “old news” at this point, but there is a reason I’ve stated that in my opening sentence.  Anyone that knows me at all knows that I am not one to endorse anything I don’t believe in and try my very best to only attach my name to projects and people I feel truly uphold the integrity I’ve worked so hard all these years to obtain.  Robert Weingartz is a man of vision and that vision has created THE way to deliver music to radio programmers worldwide.  Ten years or so ago, Robert’s visionary skill foresaw APD as the landmark global music delivery system it is today… I believe it would be wise to invest in what he foresees ten years from now!”  Carl Jackson – 3 Time Grammy Award Winning Producer / Musician

"AirPlay Direct has undeniably changed the face of radio airplay.  The ease stations around the world now have to access and discover music has ultimately shined the light on artists who otherwise would remain under the radar.  I've noticed an enormous boost in recognition, airplay and record sales due directly to the services of AirPlay Direct. Thanks for making our world better!"  Jenni Finlay, Owner - Jenni Finlay Promotions

AirPlay Direct is an artist marketing, promotion and education platform that delivers premium digital services and is the leading secure digital file transfer system for the music industry. We are a centralized, professional eco-system that connects artists, labels, radio stations, as well as equipment and services. All of our subscribers are qualified music industry participants. We have a national and international reach of 9,400+ radio station members in 90+ countries with over 39,000 artist / label members.

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