Posted on July 26, 2014


AirPlay Direct is the leading secure digital file transfer system for the music industry, with a national and international reach of over 9,000+ radio station members and over 38,000 artist/record label members.  AirPlay Direct has created a special award to honor the innovators who have openly embraced digital innovation in the music industry. The AirPlay Direct “Iconic Innovators” award will be given yearly to the member of AirPlay Direct that best embraces the vision and opportunities that digital innovation in the Music Industry has and continues to create.

In creating this award we wanted to put a face and a name to it that would exemplify “Iconic Innovators” and Bruce Iglauer, President & Founder of Alligator Records, was the first person that came to mind. Bruce has throughout his career embraced change and has evolved himself and his company to take advantage of all of the new digital innovations that assist artists and record companies in spreading the word and delivering music to all the countries around the world. Bruce and Alligator Records were one of the first record companies to see  the value and possibilities of AirPlay Direct and fully support it. It is fitting that Bruce Iglauer is the first recipient of the award.

As an integral component to the “Iconic Innovators Award”, AirPlay Direct is honoring Mr. Iglauer with a $50,000 AirPlay Direct “Marketing & Awareness” Campaign for his legendary and award winning Blues label, Alligator Records.

“Bruce’s professional career is a road map for success and accomplishment. He is a passionate, committed and relevant leader in the ever evolving independent global music community. Bruce is undoubtedly an “Iconic Innovator”, but more importantly he is the type of man that blazes trails and leads by example. Great pair of ears, great heart and a great partner.”  Michael Harnett, President – AirPlay Direct

"I’m extremely honored to receive the first “Iconic Innovators” Award from AirPlay Direct. Although Alligator is over 40 years old, we’ve always tried to make sure that we stayed on the technological cutting edge. We were the first Blues label to manufacture compact discs in 1984.  We were selling online from our own website twenty years ago; and we were among the first independent labels to commit to streaming services and download stores.

More recently, we began working with AirPlay Direct to deliver our music to radio and online programmers around the world. This has been a great decision for us, and the AirPlay Direct staff have been terrific to deal with. I also have to give kudos to Josh Lindner, Alligator’s Director of New Technology, who first connected Alligator and AirPlay Direct, as well as leading us to many other new technology opportunities."  Bruce Iglauer, President & Founder - Alligator Records

AirPlay Direct’s consulting division, Collective Evolution, will continue to work closely with the Alligator Records team to develop and execute an advanced “Global Radio Strategy” for the Alligator records catalog and brand.

AirPlay Direct is an artist marketing, promotion, and education platform that delivers premium digital services and is the leading secure digital file transfer system for the music industry.  We are a centralized, professional eco-system that connects artists, labels, radio stations, as well as equipment and services. All of our subscribers are qualified music industry participants.  We have a national and international reach of 9,000+ radio station members in 90 countries with over 38,000 artist / label members.  We give direct access to the primary target market of artists, musicians, labels, and radio stations of all musical genres.

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