AirPlay Direct Premiere's Exclusive New Release From Iconic William Shatner - "Ponder The Mystery"

Posted on October 12, 2013

AirPlay Direct is proud to premiere and be the exclusive source for radio stations around the world to receive the new release “Ponder The Mystery” from the iconic William Shatner.

“We are thrilled to be chosen to work once again with the legendary William Shatner and Cleopatra Records.  This is an  incredible Progressive Rock  record featuring some of the music industry’s biggest talents.  AirPlay Direct is proud to bring it to our over 8,500 radio station members around the world.  William Shatner is the Man!!”   Michael Harnett, President / AirPlay Direct

As word began to circulate about William Shatner’s newest musical project, the prog rock concept album "Ponder The Mystery", critics and fans quickly realized it was a match made, if not in Heaven, then in the most glorious reaches of the galaxy.

Shatner is after all an enormously popular and celebrated icon of science fiction fantasy, and no musical genre is as invested in, devoted to or driven by fantasy and the imaginative as progressive rock.

And though Mr. Shatner is no stranger to the musical world, what sets this effort apart from previous endeavors is the fact that he co-wrote the album, penning a set of intensely personal lyrics for producer/multi-instrumentalist Billy Sherwood (of the prog rock institution Yes) to compose around.

And now, after months of puzzled rumors, probing questions and ponderous speculation, the album is finally ready to be embraced by the general public; it will be released on CD, vinyl and digital formats October 8, 2013.

Joining the two Bill’s on this journey into the mysteries of human curiosity and consciousness is a group of virtuosos from numerous genres and fields, including guitarists Steve Vai, Al Di Meola and Zoot Horn Rollo, keyboardists Rick Wakeman and the late George Duke, saxophonists Dave Koz, Edgar Winter and Nik Turner, as well as The Doors’ own Robby Krieger and country legend Vince Gill.  Many of these artists leapt at the opportunity to contribute to Mr. Shatner’s venture.

“It was an absolute hoot to play on Bill’s track. It’s great to see and hear that after all these years his contributions are still fresh!”  Steve Vai

“I’ve known William for awhile and have worked with him on one of his previous charity events. It was so cool for me to play on his new album. Overall, it really means a lot to be part of projects that William is doing at this point of his life. William is a special person and I really enjoy any chance that I get to work with him.”   Vince Gill

“What I love most about this album is that it feels like all the musicians were in this big top - a sort of three-ring circus…you have all these talented people, each bringing their unique offering to the table.  Then there’s Bill, the ring-leader, with a big smile on his face, inspiring us all to bring even more to the party.  It was a blast, and I love the way it turned out.  Unlike anything I’ve EVER done before.  But then again, that’s what working with an icon will get you!”   Dave Koz

“I’ve never adhered to the assumption that oil and water don’t mix...stir them hard enough and add a few other ingredients and they certainly will mix, and give an interesting and pretty unique result too.  So I’m all for Progressive Shatner Rock and it was a pleasure to play on the album and be involved!”   Rick Wakeman

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