AirPlay Direct Unveils the Winner for the “APD Win an Americana Record Deal” Contest

Posted on January 19, 2012




AirPlay Direct is proud to announce that “The Hello Strangers” have taken home the grand prize package for the “APD Win an Americana Record Deal” contest.


“It is hard to describe how it feels to win an Americana record deal after years of gigging and self-promotion at the grassroots level,” says Larissa of The Hello Strangers.  “Just being in the Top 5 with the caliber of artists we were paired with was an honor alone.  We feel we have just won the contest of our lives, and are incredibly grateful and excited to work with the team that AirPlay Direct has assembled for us.”


“The Hello Strangers have such a unique sound that cuts right at the roots of the Americana genre.  Fresh, innovative structures with unforgettable vocals,” says Robert Weingartz, Chairman and CEO of AirPlay Direct.


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