AirPlay Direct and The Alternate Root Announce Strategic Partnership

Posted on May 12, 2011

Companies will Jointly Promote The Alternate Root’s Newly Announced “Top 66 International Airplay Chart”


NASHVILLE, TN (May 12, 2011) – AirPlay Direct and The Alternate Root are pleased to announce a Strategic Partnership between the companies.


In the partnership, AirPlay Direct will offer special discounts on their services to Alternate Root patrons and will promote The Alternate Root’s newly-launched  “Top 66 International AirPlay Chart.”


“The Top 66 International Chart is completely transparent where all information is available for everyone to see,” states Fred Boenig, partner of the Artist Development Group, parent company of The Alternate Root who publishes The Alternate Root Magazine and broadcasts Alternate Root TV. “Anyone can click on any artist represented on the chart and it will tell what stations are actually playing their music.”


Radio stations that have weekly Americana/Roots music shows of two hours or more are being solicited to report to the chart. Interested station programmers may register and submit a playlist and The Alternate Root staff will review the submission prior to approving each reporter. It is requested that only CDs released in the past nine months or releases currently being reissued to the Americana/Roots format be submitted.


Current charts can be viewed, and interested potential reporters may sign up at 


Questions may be directed via e-mail at or by phone at 610-967-5948.


“AirPlay Direct is excited about the new partnership with The Alternate Root,” says Robert Weingartz, CEO of AirPlay Direct. “I have known Fred for many years and no one works harder to promote deserving music than he does. This is a great opportunity for our global community of Artist and Label members.”


In related news, The Alternate Root will soon launch the “Top 66 International Bluegrass Chart.”


About The Alternate Root:

The Alternate Root Magazine has been committed to the redistribution of opportunity for success for independent American Roots musicians since 2007. We are an interactive music magazine featuring all genres of traditional American roots music including, Americana, Alt-country, Blues, Rockabilly, Folk, Bluegrass, Roots Rock and traditional country. We also produce the weekly internationally syndicated American Roots music show “Alternate Root TV” and publish the Top 66 International Airplay Chart. Our goal is to create the tools needed to advance the American Roots music format. For more information, go to:


About Alternate Root’s Top 66 International Airplay Chart:

We built in safeguards to help make our chart accurate and reliable.  We have a maximum of 6 "currents" per hour of programming.  We show a total # of reported spins on each playlist. Our playlist tracking can be viewed for FREE to allow listeners and artists monitor the playlists. Our belief is if we can track actual airplay and encourage stations world wide to report to this chart we can increase awareness of this format and listenership of these stations. We will be adding a retail connection, we are currently developing an "APP" for the chart, also a schedule grid for fans to locate your show schedule and stream and will like in the past have a "Jukebox" player to help our Fans get acquainted with the many new artists will be introduced to them. To learn more, visit:


About AirPlay Direct:

 AirPlay Direct is a global digital music delivery system servicing radio and the entertainment industry with downloadable content from some of the biggest names in music, alongside rising independent artists. AirPlay Directs web-based artist marketing, promotion, education, and advocacy platform allows artists, record labels, and music publishers to securely deliver broadcast-quality music and digital press kits to industry professionals worldwide. Our system allows media programmers and film/TV music supervisors to connect to new music, create music calls, browse top downloaded artists, and immediately download music and related artist information. AirPlay Direct recently introduced our genre-based APD Global Radio Indicator Charts™ which track the download activity that our member’s music receives from our world-wide radio panel. AirPlay Direct also publishes the digital/interactive publication, the Direct Buzz.  

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