AirPlay Direct and CMR Nashville Announce Strategic Partnership

Posted on April 13, 2011

Global Digital-to-Radio Music Delivery Service and Europe’s #1 Country Music Radio Station Join Forces to Promote Country and Americana Music to Worldwide Audience


NASHVILLE, TN (April 13, 2011) – Clif Doyal, EVP of AirPlay Direct, the global digital-to-radio music delivery platform, and Lee Williams, owner of CMR Nashville, Europe’s #1 Country radio station, are pleased to jointly announce their new Strategic Partnership. In the partnership, the two companies will work together to develop their existing co-branded marketing strategies and revenue sharing promotions to greatly expand the market share for Country and Americana music throughout the world. The dynamic business arrangement will also include special artist and label discounted packages with Hotdisc (a similar service to CDX in the US), which is distributed to over 800 DJs and Country Music industry professionals throughout Europe and Australia, and is available digitally via AirPlay Direct. The Hotdisc charts are also carried on the AirPlay Direct website and available in their digital publication, the Direct Buzz.


Interested artists and labels can discover the different promotion packages offered through the partnership at this link:


“We are very excited about our partnership with CMR Nashville,” states Doyal. “I have known and done business with Lee Williams for many years. In my opinion, his understanding of the Country and Americana music scene in Europe is unrivaled in the business. Lee and his group of companies are the perfect fit to further expand our global footprint, and his passion for the artists and their music mirrors our own.”


Williams says, “My good friend Clif Doyal introduced me to AirPlay Direct when he started working with them, and I met up with him and Robert Weingartz, AirPlay Direct’s Chairman and CEO, on one of my visits to Nashville. Their vision and future ambitions fit in with my aspirations of taking the delivery of music (all styles) to another level. We have talked and discussed our strategic partnership for nearly a year to get it right for all, and I am now so excited that we can announce this partnership to the world.”


About CMR Nashville:

CMR Nashville is proud to be Europe's #1 country music station with over 500,000 worldwide visitors every month and growing. Now in its 5th year, CMR Nashville is owned by Lee Williams, one of the UK's leading country music professionals for over 40 years. The CMR brand has been around since 1993 when Lee first started the idea and became Europe's first 24 hour Country Music station broadcasting via Satellite on the Sky platform. CMR was responsible for launching CMT into Europe as audio only as an overnight feed for six months. They were then ready with their own 24 hour TV channel again on the Sky network. These days were analogue and digital was just a dream. Various combinations of CMR continued over the years with Lee at the helm. CMR Nashville was born in October 2004 and the rest is history. We pride ourselves in running some of the best shows to be found anywhere covering every style of country music. For listeners who might not like a particular style can re-tune to one of our three other 24/7 music only channels. CMR Hot, CMR Memories, and CMR AmericanaOK. For other music in our group we have Radio UK International and UK Jazz Radio. CMR will also be opening a new channel for London on 1 May with Covent Garden Radio, also Radio Basingstoke and Radio Alton. CMR Nashville has recently teamed up with Hotdisc to help new singles break the European charts and beyond.


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Clif Doyal, AirPlay Direct

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