Iron Chef America and The Next Iron Chef Available to Radio for Immediate Download

Posted on November 19, 2010

NASHVILLE, TN (November 18, 2010) -- Composer Craig Marks releases the original soundtrack from Food Network’s worldwide TV hits, The Iron Chef America and The Next Iron Chef. Radio programmers may download “Theme From The Iron Chef America” and other broadcast quality tracks at

A delicacy, meticulously and creatively prepared by composer Craig Marks that is certain to please and satiate the discriminating musical palettes of The Chairman, culinary commentator Alton Brown, and Iron Chef fans worldwide, Marks has released forty-five minutes of music from the scores he created for nine seasons of Iron Chef America and The Next Iron Chef, the latter of which is currently airing its third season on Sunday nights at 9 PM ET/PT. For years, fans of the shows who work in radio have been requesting the release of the shows’ music so they could play it as the backdrop for their own Iron Chef America competitions and events.

“The music encapsulates the two moods of the shows: the competition portion and the tasting and judging segments,” explained Marks. “The tasting and judging cues are gastro-meditative textures. For the competition, the music goes beyond reality. It’s a powerful force in producing heightened drama that’s a bit over the top at times.”

“The mission of AirPlay Direct is to expose great artistic talent and unique music to our global radio partners. Craig is an amazing musician and composer and we are thrilled to be able to present his work. After listening to the music and being a fan of the show, I was ready to throw down with The Chairman,” commented Scott Welch, president of AirPlay Direct.

Iron Chef America and The Next Iron Chef will be released on CD November 30th by the CMS Media record label. For those who can’t wait to feast upon the engaging and dramatic collection of musical morsels of gustatory delight composed and produced by Marks for the shows, the soundtrack is available now exclusively as a digital release at iTunes, Amazon and various digital retail outlets.

The titles contained on Marks’ Iron Chef America and The Next Iron Chef original soundtrack are:

“Theme from Iron Chef America”

“Shiitake Shakedown”

“Marmalade Skies”

“Exotic Fusion”

“Exploring the Subcontinent”

“Theme from The Next Iron Chef”

“Nine Chefs Enter”

“Sorbet for the Soul”

“White House Garden – A National Challenge”

“Four Course Tour de Force”

“Test of Wills”

“Chairman Rising”

“Flamenco Flambé”

“Portobello Mellow (Quite Ripe)”

“Tabla Tandoor”

“Gastronomial Equation”

“Allez Cuisine!”

“Theme from The Next Iron Chef (TV edit)”

About Craig Marks:

A San Jose, California native who resides just outside of Los Angeles, Marks earned a degree in music composition at UCLA while working at the studio of Academy Award-winning film composer Hans Zimmer. Over the past fourteen years, Marks has contributed to scores for high-profile films, television shows and cartoon series. In addition to Iron Chef America and The Next Iron Chef, he presently composes and produces music for A&E’s award-winning Intervention, ESPN’s SportsCenter and ABC’s SuperNanny. Some of Marks’ works are part of an ongoing worldwide concert series that were recently performed as part of London's 2012 Olympic Games kickoff ceremonies. Additional information is available at and

About AirPlay Direct:

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