Veronica Ballestrini Visits "If I Can Dream" Dreamhouse

Posted on June 4, 2010

Special "Editor's Pick" Invitation Provides Unparalleled Opportunity for Songstress

Country music entertainer, Veronica Ballestrini, heads to Hollywood this weekend to be a part of the wildly sensational Internet program “If I Can Dream.” Ballestrini joins the cast members and industry professionals for an in-depth look at the show as an “editor’s pick.” As a result of her posted MySpace video and performance of Rascal Flatts’ “Bless The Broken Road,” she became a favorite on the show’s social media page and was selected as a “MySpace Dream Break Winner.” Watch Veronica’s dream house arrival this Friday (June 4, 2010) at 7 PM Pacific. (

“I cannot wait to visit the hopefuls in the house,” Ballestrini gushes. “I have been addicted to the show since the start: picking up tips, choosing my favorite, and going behind the scenes online. To be able to join in the excitement and experience such a once in a lifetime connection is so wonderful! I thank everyone that watched my video, especially the folks who make "If I Can Dream” possible!"

"If I Can Dream" is the first of a new generation of reality entertainment that utilizes a variety of platforms to reach audiences and break new talent. Created by Simon Fuller (producer of the unrivaled Idol franchise,) "If I Can Dream" documents the authentic story of five young people who dream of success in Hollywood, revealing every moment of triumph and struggle along the way. It allows viewers to interact with the individuals and the narrative in real time. Viewers have the ability to watch every move live online as they rehearse, write, socialize, and plan their careers - giving audiences open access to a show in a way that has not been attempted before.

The show utilizes the Internet to broadcast the video feed live from the house, (full episodes are available on Hulu) and social networking sites are incorporated to "audition" new cast members and vote for the hopefuls. Interactive audience participation makes “If I Can Dream” a fascinating cultural experiment, opening up the American Dream and democratizing the process of making a star.

A media darling, Ballestrini’s first single “Amazing” climbed up the charts in the fall of 2009 and this summer she unveils her third single “Don’t Say.” Since her initial viral introduction, Veronica has made a big impression with music industry executives and peers who have applauded and supported her universally. She was the featured artist in the 2009 Digital Rodeo CMA Fest Contest, has one of the most visited artist pages on and has endorsements with InTune Guitar Picks (InTuneGP) and Sennheiser. She will return to Nashville next week to again participate in CMA Fest.

Additional information on Veronica Ballestrini, her latest album, WHAT I’M ALL ABOUT, and her summer single “Don’t Say” can be found by visiting: or and

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