the Direct Buzz April Edition

Posted on April 8, 2010

This edition of the Direct Buzz is a special one for AirPlay Direct as we celebrate our five-year anniversary!

To mark this milestone, our “Behind the Desk” feature takes the first in-depth look at AirPlay Direct, examining what our company does, introduces our talented AirPlay Direct management team, and gives our readers a glimpse of where we are going as a company.

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We are very excited to announce our new partnership with Christian Music Weekly and the debut of their new feature section in the Direct Buzz. It is an honor to work with CMW Editor, Rick Welke. His passion for the Christian music world will provide a great foundation for us to jointly grow the format around the globe.

Also in this anniversary edition, we spotlight rising independent artist, Johnny Cooper, who graces our cover and gives a revealing look at his career to date. And, with the overwhelming interest in our “Featured Artist” section, we decided to increase the number of artists this month to expose even more great talent. We expand on some existing sections of the magazine and experiment with others, always working to keep our content fresh - and relevant.
We have made many great strides in the recent months, by upgrading our platform, growing our core management team and introducing our digital / interactive magazine, the Direct Buzz. But, most exciting of all, we have continued to attract new membership from virtually all genres of music.

It is an exciting time for us as we expand our reach and set our course for the future of this global artist community.

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Robert Weingartz
Publisher & Founder, the Direct Buzz
CEO & Founder, AirPlay Direct

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