AirPlay Direct Appoints Peter Fleming as Chief Technology Officer

Posted on March 19, 2010

NASHVILLE, TN (March 18, 2010) – AirPlay Direct has appointed Peter Fleming as their Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

In the newly created role, Fleming is responsible for software design and architecture development on multiple platforms and utilizing multiple technologies for the AirPlay Direct global digital delivery platform, as well as the development of new features, IT planning, and technical support issues.

AirPlay Direct CEO, Robert Weingartz states, “We have been searching for some time to find the right person to fill this critical role. I know that we have found that person in Peter, and I am very excited to have him onboard as we move forward into these very challenging and exciting times.”

“I was attracted to AirPlay Direct because of the combination of music and technology, and I am passionate about both. But I would not have come onboard were it not for Robert Weingartz and Scott Welch’s outlook on the music business,” Fleming states emphatically. “Their energy and belief in the musicians and artists was inspiring, and I knew their hearts were in the right place. It is a dream job, really!”

Fleming, a native of Scotland, and a current U.S. resident, comes to AirPlay Direct after an extensive background of working in the IT business in diverse fields, including banking, government, telecommunications and oil. Fleming’s past projects include systems architect/visual team leader at Washington Mutual Finance and was a Finance/Technical leader at Arthur Andersen and Associates. He has also designed and built several high profile music business web sites for and

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