Jimmy Wayne Releases New Single to Radio Through AirPlay Direct

Posted on September 25, 2009

JIMMY WAYNE’S DARYL HALL & JOHN OATES INFLUENCE RUNS DEEP: Jimmy Wayne is poised to hit the radio charts next week with his new single, a cover of the Daryl Hall & John Oates classic “Sara Smile”, the song that originally got Jimmy his record deal and turned him on to countless other Daryl Hall & John Oates classics.  The song’s original writers and performers (who just happen to be the most successful duo in Rock history), make a guest appearance on the track.

“Hall and Oates had a huge impact on me as an artist. I love ‘I Can't Go For That’ (#1; 1980).  Its rock foundation of a bass line has an amazing mansion of a song built upon it!,” exclaims Jimmy.  “ When I first began studying voice, dissected Daryl’s vocal performance along with John's harmonies on this amazing song.  I was inspired and changed for life!”  

Jimmy continues: “Another favorite is ‘She's Gone’ (#7; 1976).  It takes my imagination back to the early 70s to a street in Philadelphia.  I see steam rising from the rims of sewer caps, a taxi, a red blinking signal. It’s a hazy morning and a bit chilly.  Then the voices of Daryl and John sing in unison ‘a worn out tooth brush hanging in the stand.’
The lesson of continuing to develop ones sound is something Jimmy hopes fans will see evident on his upcoming Valory release (set to be in stores November 24th), with tracks produced by both Dann Huff and Mark Bright.

Valory Music will digitally deliver this track to radio stations globally and FREE of charge through AirPlay Direct. Utilizing digital delivery streamlines the process for all involved and allows Valory Music to service radio stations around the world in a quick and efficient manner. Radio programmers can listen and then download this track 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at their convenience by visiting
Jimmy Wayne is a "Featured Artist" and a "Spotlight Artist" for the month of October on AirPlay Direct.
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