Dolly Parton Releases New Single to Radio Exclusively Through AirPlay Direct

Posted on August 18, 2009

Dolly Parton is looking for a "change."  As one of the most beloved artists in the world today and a reputation for being a savvy businesswoman, Dolly understands the need for promoting music online.
Dolly has decided to release her latest single, "Change It" - from the Broadway Musical, "9 to 5," exclusively through AirPlay Direct with no traditional means of radio promotion.  This new version was re-recorded with Dolly's taking lead on the song.  Dolly is one of the top artists on AirPlay Direct with thousands of downloads from radio stations all over the world!
"Change It" is an uplifting song urging that "if you don't take the reins, it's gonna stay the same" and "nothing's gonna change if you don't change it."
"AirPlay Direct has been a great tool for us.  With their excellent tracking system, we can instantly see the demand for Dolly's music at traditional and non-traditional [internet radio] formats all over the world.  If a radio station in Japan downloads her latest single, we know about it!" - Mike Hagler, New Media, Dolly Parton Management/Dolly Records


Dolly Records will digitally deliver this track to radio stations globally and FREE of charge exclusively through AirPlay Direct. Utilizing digital delivery streamlines the process for all involved and allows Dolly Records to service radio stations around the world in a quick and efficient manner. Radio programmers can listen and then download these songs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at their convenience by visiting .
Dolly Parton is a "Featured Artist" and a "Spotlight Artist" for the month of August on AirPlay Direct.
"We are excited to have Dolly as part of our site," said Robert Weingartz, CEO of AirPlay Direct. "Dolly is a true one-of-a-kind artist.  She has always been a bit of a maverick and a trendsetter.  Dolly continues to grow her brand and her business by evolving her business strategies.  AirPlay Direct's FREE services just make good business sense in 2009."
AirPlay Direct is an easy to use digital file transfer system that was developed to streamline radio / artist promotion activities for today's music industry. AirPlay Direct's FREE services replace the unnecessary time and expense of putting together and sending out costly traditional artist packages and press kits via snail mail. Utilizing the AirPlay Direct system also allows an artist to positively impact the environment by eliminating needless packaging.
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