Swan Lake
This article is about the ballet composed by Tchaikovsky. For the version of it with choreography by Matthew Bourne
Op. Swan Lake 20, first of three ballets that wrote the Russian composer Piotr Ilich Chaikovsky (1840-1893).

Originally commissioned the master by the Opera of Moscow, this ballet is one of the most well known. Its first performance took place at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow choreographed by Julius Reisinger on March 4, 1877. Paradoxically, it was not very accepted in his time. However, on January 15, 1895, with the new choreography of Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov this work achieved a great success in the Mariinsky Theatre of St. Petersburg. Marius Petipa was responsible for the first and third Act (acts at the Castle) and Lev Ivanov in the second and fourth Act (acts of the Lake).

Fourth "final" Act
To the shores of the Lake the jovenes-cisnes sadly await the arrival of Odette. She becomes desperate crying, telling her friends the sad events of the feast in the Castle. Siegfried appears and begs his forgiveness. Reappears Rothbart claiming the return of the swans. Siegfried and Odette fight against him, but everything is in vain, because the hex cannot be undone. The two lovers rush to the Lake. Rothbart dies as a result of this sacrifice of love and the other swans are released from the spell, looks appear on the Lake the spirits of Odette and Siegfried now together forever.