Jack Blanchard Misty Morgan - I'll Never Be Free 2:35
Artist Biography by Johnny Loftus
The country duo of songwriter/saxophonist/keyboardist Jack Blanchard and his wife, keyboardist Misty Morgan, placed 15 singles on the country charts between 1969-1975. The two were born (three years apart) in the same hospital in Buffalo, NY, and both moved to Ohio during childhood. But it wasn't until they both found work in the Florida club circuit that they finally met and fell in love. Misty was a piano player; Jack was scraping by as a musician and comedian. The two were married in 1967, and began writing and performing together soon after. 1969 saw their first charting hit, "Big Black Bird," which made its way into the Top 60. But it was 1970's "Tennessee Bird Walk" that would be their biggest and most memorable hit. The song hit the top of the country charts, did well on the pop charts, and even garnered a Grammy nomination. The duo went on to release country-tinged, lighthearted singles like "Humphrey the Camel," "Fire Hydrant 79," and "The Legendary Chicken Fairy." Another Top 30 hit followed with "You've Got Your Troubles (I've Got Mine)." Jack and Misty moved to Mega in 1971 and scored such hits as "There Must Be More to Life (Than Growing Old)" and "The Legendary Chicken Fairy." In 1973, the two moved to Epic and had their last major hit, "Just One More Song," before moving on to subsequent record companies. Their career slowed in the 1980s and '90s, but Jack and Misty returned with a vengeance in the new millennium, establishing their own label to release such albums as Jack and Misty Are Crazy!, Back From the Dead, and Masters of the Keyboards.