Real Men Dig Their Own Graves
real men dig their graves,
they dig them all over the place
they shoot first and cover up later;
they don’t mind a little blood when they shave;
anyone who disagrees is a traitor;
real men dig their own graves

real men are tough as nails;
we can pack them like sardines in the jails
they don’t care about tomorrow,
today is the last day
when they’re bringing home the bacon,
better not stand in the way
there’s no place on earth , that they wouldn’t pave;
real men dig their own graves

real men slash and burn!
they know everything there is to learn
they protect the little children
‘til their old enough to serve
we’ll turn them into real men
and get all that we deserve
if we ever get to heaven then we’ll lay the place to waste;
real men dig their own grave

real men don’t think twice
about a little human sacrifice
they multiply like rabbits
and spread across the earth
the more of them there are
the less each one is worth
a hungry mouth is waiting, there’s nothing you can save;
real men dig their own graves

real men won’t say die
As they scorch the earth and blacken the sky
By the dawn’s early light
that banner still waves,
as real men dig their own graves