I Found (Featuring Liberty Pike)
Written by Joshua Keogh
Publisher: Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd
Lead vocal: Valerie Smith
(featuring Liberty Pike)
Harmony vocals:
Lisa Kay Howard-Hughes, Wally Hughes
Guitar: Bob Miner
Upright bass: Tom Gray
Mandolin: Lisa Kay Howard-Hughes
Fiddle: Wally Hughes
Banjo: Joe Zauner
Engineer: Tim Carter,
TreeHouse Studios, Greenbrier, Tennessee
Producers: Valerie Smith, Tim Carter
Arrangement: Valerie Smith
Valerie Smith found her newest single in an odd place; a recording by an indie rock band from across the pond in England.
I Found is the second release from Valerie’s upcoming album,
Renaissance. Her first release, From A Distance, stayed on the Bluegrass Today Grassicana Chart for over 13 months and debuted No. 2 on the Folk DJ Chart.
Valerie recalls: “While driving along Tennessee Highway 82 to the recording studio I heard a song on the radio called I Found performed by an indie rock group known as Amber Run,” Valerie says “I was captivated by the melody, the passion, and the lyrics.”
Her band, Liberty Pike, was skeptical when they first heard the original Amber Run version, but they decided to humor Valerie and her new song idea even though they were rolling their collective eyes.
“As we began to make it our own,” Valerie says, “We came to realize that it fit like a glove and we just had to record it.”
Renaissance encompasses several genres while staying true to Valerie’s signature sound of strong vocals, an acoustic flair, and a touch of bluegrass. The songs cover subject areas including love, finding love, acceptance, and regret.