640 BATTLEFIELD DRIVE (Grassicana Feature Track)
Radio Contact
Jimmy Metts/jmetts@voxhallrecords.com/615-579-8520
Band Contact:
Daniel Routh/nu-blu@nu-blu.com/336-736-7297

Release Date: April 28, 2017

Songwriters: Connie Harrington/Bonnie Baker
Publishers EMI April Music, Inc./Little Cricket Music (ASCAP)Universal Music Corp./Annabelia’s Farm Music(ASCAP)

Carolyn Routh (lead vocal, bass), Daniel Routh (vocal, guitar), Clint White (fiddle, mandolin), Tony Creasman (percussion), Levi Austin (vocal, guitar)

“640 Battlefield Drive” carries you through an expansive array of emotions from beginning to end. It is the tale of a mother’s heartache as she sends her sons off to war. Easily the saddest song on’ “Vagabonds”, it will leave you crying, sad and joyful tears at the same time.