A LOT MORE LOVE (Americana / Country Featured Track)
Radio Contact
Jimmy Metts/jmetts@voxhallrecords.com/615-579-8520
Band Contact:
Daniel Routh/nu-blu@nu-blu.com/336-736-7297

Release Date: April 28, 2017

2. A LOT MORE LOVE ( 3 :40)
Songwriters: Michael Gresham/Jill Spencer/Troy Johnson
Publishers: Stars Shine on Music/Go Pokes Music/Midtown Music South (SESAC) Yacht Haven Music (SESAC)

Carolyn Routh (lead vocal, bass), Daniel Routh (vocal, guitar), Clint White (fiddle, mandolin), T.J. Honaker (banjo), Tony Creasman (percussion), Levi Austin (vocal, guitar)

“A Lot More Love”, shows us that we are more alike than we are different. This is a message that we all should be reminded of. Our country is at war with itself. Trying to see that which we dislike or disagree with, in a different light, may be the beginning of a brighter future for us all.