East Ridge Boys - Turkey Buzzard (3:19)
Turkey Buzzard

Turkey buzzard sittin'
On the roof of the church
Sunnin' himself in the air
It was just like he liked
It was nice and quiet
Nothin' going on there
Doors all closed
The organ won’t play
Not a member to be seen
Preacher and his family
Have all gone fishin'
The church was dead as could be

No you can't serve two masters
The Good Book tells us so
You're either in or out
Either hot or cold
Listen to this story
Learn a lesson from it brother
Your church might need revival
If all you got ... is a turkey buzzard

The Sunday school teachers
Are just like the preacher
They've gone to spend time on the lake
It’s football season
So all of the deacons
Stayed home to watch all the games
Anybody can see
It's plain as can be
If you read what the Bible says
That ole buzzard bird
Just sits on his perch
Watching over the dead

(Repeat Chorus)

Preacher came back
Got on the right track
Prayin' with all his might
Then two by two
The members prayed through
The deacons prayed through that night
Revival broke out
With such a shout
Like nothing they’d ever seen there
It caused such a stir
For that old buzzard bird
He took off into air

(Repeat chorus)

Praise the Lord, the church is moving on
Hallelujah, that old turkey buzzard's gone