Karen Morand & The Bosco Boys - Easy
If I should die before I get old 

Before I get old and grey 

Carry me down to the river 

Let it carry me away 

If I should die before it’s my time 

Before it’s my time to leave   

You won’t hear that ol’ devil laughin’   

I got a few tricks up my sleeve 

Gather ‘round and sing songs of redemption 

I know that you’ll find sweet comfort there 

Bring your guitar 
Sing Jimmy, Cash and Dylan

Sages and the prophets down in the easychair
And we’ll rest easy

And should our bed grow too cold 

Grow too cold to sleep 

Cut down our favorite kissing tree 

And light a fire under me                 

Then we’ll look across at Detroit City 

Remember how the smoke rose in the night 

She rises up oh so strong and pretty 

Out of darkness, into splendid light 

And we’ll rest easy