Eiderdown - Gordon Thomas Ward
’Twas years ago on Schoodic Point
I felt your soul pass through me.
Mysterious as morning mist
And soft as Eiderdown.
You gave your love to a sailor fair
Who pledged in spring to marry
He said your voice was like the wind
And soft as Eiderdown.
But he was swallowed by the sea
When autumn gales turned stormy.
Fate left you weeping on the rocks
Your darkness filled with mourning.
You spent your sorrow on that shore
Staring in the waters
Singing to the wind-whipped waves
Your voice like Eiderdown.

Instrumental bridge break
When you breathed your last, your ashes cast
To join your sailor fair
Glitt’ring in the ocean breeze
As soft as Eiderdown.
Still, you’ll hear it told on Schoodic Point
How the waves and winds still hold.
A voice that drifts like morning mist
And soft as… Eiderdown