Lucky Lucky
**LUCKY LUCKY (4:05) ISRC - CAT5D1800003
Look at where I’m falling from // Somewhere high enough to scare me // Your colours blurred, and dopplered words // As I drop by every passing curve //Long shutter time, overexposed // Developed in my head to keep // For all the times I’m lying here // My eyes closed but I cannot sleep // A photograph of my whole life // I’m still planning out the scenery // The shadow shifts and subtleties // And who I want right next to me // A photograph, a memory //It’s of you, one that I’ll always keep // The most perfect pause there ever was // Yet I’m the only one whose eyes it ever saw // Lucky lucky // I guess that’s me // Still don’t know what it even means // Lucky lucky // Oh ya that’s me //I just wanna be // Just wanna be // Someday you’ll realize all that you’ll ever be // An old projector for your memories // We each got our film,
who knows how many frames // But each one brings us another day // Our photo books are all we leave // And we don’t choose how thick // its spine or sleeve //But we choose our aim carefully // It’s all in the light and the focusing