Same Latitude As Rome - Stay The Course
Lyrics and music by Peter Boyer

1. The highest climb begins at the bottom of the hill
You can sail the seven seas and some days will be still
The mightiest river’s a trickle at the source
So find your destination, and always stay the course

2. You gotta roll back that rock, to rise again
A desert flowers just a seed until it rains
In this world of woe, you’ll bear no remorse
If you’re true to yourself, and always stay the course

Stay the course, on land or at sea
Stay the course, until you fulfill your destiny
Stay the course, to be all that you can be
Never falter, never veer
Don’t be afraid to steer
If you travel far or near, Stay the Course, Stay the Course

3. Some pick a road well travelled, others blaze their own trail
Some face the storm, some seek shelter from the gale
You can run with the big dogs or stay up on the porch
No matter what you choose, always stay the course