Bruce T. Carroll (Christmas) Without You
Words and Music Bruce T. Carroll

Another leaf falls from the tree, another ship pulls out to sea
Another stranded couple meets...
On snowbound harbor streets
Another grand seaside hotel where the concierge knows you well
And the guests exclaim the view...
And no one ever really bothers you

Out here on the road tonight
Where the wind blows cold and the northern lights
Blanket all the sounds and sights
Of all the people passing though
Out here in the world tonight
Where I work the while and set my sights
On all the things I need to do
To never spend another Christmas without you

Another roadside country inn where you swear you've never been
Another gold-plate numbered door
Another welcome-matted floor
Another rusted garden gate another father gets home late
Another chance for me to say
I wish I'd never gone away


If you lived across the ocean
Or I lived across the street
If we never had the notion
That the two of us would meet:
If the wide open plain or the deep frozen sea
Were the only two things that could keep you from me...
If this snow covered pass and the road that runs through
Were the only two things that could keep me from you...
If this hole in my head or this hole in my heart
Were the only two things that could keep us apart...
If these too many words or these too awkward rhymes
There's so much to do...
And there's so little time...

Without you....this Christmas is lonely indeed
Without you....a touch of you is all that I need
Without you....I promise whatever I do
I'll never spend another Christmas
Without you

Vocals: Bruce T. Carroll
Acoustic Guitars: David Spinozza
Electric Guitars: Mark Shulman
Keyboards: Clifford Carter
Bass: Lincoln Schleiffer
Drums: Joe Bonadio