Ryan Fitzsimmons - Will My Mind
Those Christmas lights are glowing yellow
On a maple tree that looks like hell
Strange mix of tinsel and dead leaves
Outside the waterfront motel
The clouds are as gray as your eyes
That used to sparkle ocean blue
But the sea will always match the skies
And my weather will never equal you

This resort town is abandoned
The winter months just bring the cold
To all the gift shops by the town dock
Where the sunny postcards will be sold
The ice is halfway through the inlet
Pretty soon it is going to freeze straight on through
I'll walk out on the water
And will my mind away from you

I can't say I blame you for leaving
I can't say we didn't have some fun
We watched the town lights on the water
Fade out with the morning sun
These islands are so pretty
When they're the only thing you know
But your eyes needed other beauty
So I understand you had to go

Now the snow is blowing sideways
With the first good storm of the year
There's nothing moving down on James Street
There's nothing living around here
Those breezy summer scenes
Can be so hard to live up to
So I'll just breathe in this cold air
And will my mind away from you
So I'll walk out on the water
And will my mind away from you

I've been going to church on Sunday
For lack of something else to do
I've been trying to get close to God
Since I can't be close to you.