Chuck Brodsky - A Toast to the Woman in the Hollar
A Toast to the Woman in the Holler

Catherine’s boyfriend played saxophone - Catherine wanted a flute
There was one in the window of the music store - that happened to be a real beaut
But Mummy couldn’t afford it - this much Catherine knew
Still, she stood there a few minutes dreaming - knowing it wouldn’t come true

Christmas time was coming - and Catherine had the blues
Her Mummy asked her what she wanted - Catherine didn’t tell the truth
She knew there wasn’t the money - not even for one to rent
The only thing Catherine really wanted - was to play an instrument

Catherine cried for a month in her bedroom - when she had to quit the school band
The woman who lived in the holler - heard about this secondhand
And the goodness gathered within her - and fluttered like butterflies
She in a vision released them - and she watched them take to the skies

And on a very cold night in December - maybe the coldest night of the year
The woman who lives in the holler - cried a few secret tears
For the last few moments of glory - and the glories that had been before
And the times it had been there to rescue her - she set her flute down by the door

People whisper about her - the locals say she’s a witch
Though she’d be the first to come help them - if they ever got stuck in a ditch ****check this
The candles she lights at her altar - they burn as a gesture of love
The kind they talk about in the churches - yet they know so little of

It was one day just after Christmas - and Catherine wore her new hat
Her mom brought her out to the holler - the woman was there with her cats
Catherine had no idea - but someday maybe she would
That what she would soon be receiving - was being given for a greater good

So here’s to the future of music. - and here’s to the power of song
And here’s a toast to the woman in the holler - for passing these things along

The case was covered with stickers - and words.that this woman had scrawled
From the magic places she’d been to - trinkets from her own Mardi Gras
And it all meant nothing to Catherine - it wasn’t her story to tell
She’ll have her own words and stickers - should she ever fall under the spell

So it’s Catherine’s turn now to hold her - here’s hoping she’ll learn how to play
Maybe she’ll drop by the holler - to visit this woman some day
Maybe she’ll come with her boyfriend - the one who plays saxophone
Maybe they’ll play for the woman - a few things they made up on their own

So here’s to the sweet gift of music - here’s to the power of song
And a toast to the woman in the holler - for passing these things along