The Phenom - Chuck Brodsky
Chuck Brodsky

Around the phenom cameras flash
Even when he just plays catch
Way off down the 3rd base line
The fans have things for him to sign
The spotlight follows him around
Same thing in every town
Journalists and tv crews
Articles and interviews

The phenom in his senior year
Not even old enough to drink a beer
Hit 100 on the radar gun
With a change up that was 91
Even then he packed the stands
With as many scouts as there were fans
Every pitch they charted and graphed
He was the first pick of the draft

30 million gauranteed
Whether or not the kid ever succeeds
His teammates draw a grand a month
Sometimes the phenom picks up the tab for lunch
You can’t blame him, it’s not his fault
The team was willing to open the vault
No question that the kid can pitch
Someday he might make all of ‘em rich

The phenom drives a luxury car
Along the road to being a star
There’s a guy in every neighborhood bar
Showing off his elbow scar
He can’t miss say the analysts
No one’s ever seen anything like this
A dieing man made one last wish
It was to live to see the phenom pitch

**On this kid they bet the farm
Him and his 24 carat arm
Every hiccup is a cause for alarm
Better not step on the foul line
Better rub that lucky charm

Sometime around the end of May
They moved him up to Double A
It’s still the same, home or away
Rain or shine, night or day
Every game a sellout crowd
The kid keeps getting batters out
The talk show callers all say so
The phenom’s ready for The Show