4.Heartstrung 3:03
written by Tracy K ©SOCAN
Vocals - Tracy K
Guitar - Terry Barnett
Keys & Horns - Leonard "Lewsh" Shaw
Bass - Nenad "Keza" Zdjelar
Drums - Ty Rogers
Ready for some bayou rhythm? As the song intro explains, I was performing at the Live from the Rock music festival. I decided to challenge myself and write songs for two of the daytime workshops I was assigned to perform at, using the name of the workshops as my song titles. This is one of them. I recalled some couples who I feel fit the definition of the word, and wrote a verse for each of them. The song has a sense of humour, some whimsy, and a whole lotta heart. Brings a tear to the old eye, it does. The funky New Orleans style groove is executed beautifully with Ty Rogers of my Right Hand Band on drums. Terry Barnett’s tasty lead guitar was perfect, Nenad "Keza" Zdjelar lays down some fine upright bass, and Lewsh (Leonard Shaw) is like the Louisiana Hot Sauce on piano! And, he fine tuned the arrangement. There’s a surprise couple who we all know in the last verse - enjoy!!