Done Gone Wrong
5. Done Gone Wrong 5:44 written by Tracy K ©SOCAN
Vocals & Harmonica - Tracy K
Guitar - Jason Nowicki
Keys & Horns - Leonard "Lewsh" Shaw
Bass - Vaughan Poyser
Drums - George Demeduk
*This tune should have a subtitle - "The Courier Song". I was driving for a courier briefly while living in Thunder Bay. On my regular route to the US border, I took note of how I was feeling. The scenery is jaw dropping along Lake Superior, and I loved living there. It was home. But yet, I missed my former home on the prairies, in Beausejour Manitoba. My mind was asking itself which one was really home now? And why did I seem insatiable? I’ll say "I don’t care" about something, to be tough, or strong or something, but I really do care. Like what the heck? Lost in thought, I failed to notice how low I was on gas. Next thing you know, my engine warning light comes on, and voila!! I’m back in real time, coming around a corner, and I don’t know what’s ahead, if I can get gas or not, but I fear I have passed all the gas stations now until the U.S. of A. Oh mercy. Great fodder for a song, and so it is. All the rest of it just pours out when you have a good start. Like a seed that gets the right amount of water, light and fertilizer, it grows, matures, ripens, and can be harvested….just like "Done Gone Wrong", the torch tune of the album.