Until I Cross That Line
Until I Cross That Line 3:16
G. Clements HungryCat Music a BMI affiliate
The Lonely Heartstring Band appears courtesy of Lonely Heartstring Music a BMI affiliate.

It was pouring rain
When I jumped that train
Underneath the cover of the night
As that whistle blew
My thoughts turned to you
Still stuck inside the city lights

She was good, she was kind
She gave me peace of mind
But all that love I’ve left behind
I’d never know what I could become
Until I Crossed That Line

So I worked the land
Held a hammer in my hand
Felt the blood flowin’ back to my heart
I breathed ocean air
I heard a siren’s prayer
And the seams began to tear apart

So build me a fire
That will never die
Dig a well that won’t run dry
I’d never know the depth of my soul
Until I Crossed That Line
Instrumental Solo

When the sun has set
I cannot forget
All the years I spent chasing time
When you dig my grave
There’ll be nothing left to save
Just release my spirit to the sky

So love don’t be weary
Don’t be idle tonight
Will we wake to see another light?
I’m just a shadow inside a dream
Until I Cross That Line
Until I Cross That Line