The Christmas I Switched All the Tags
The Christmas I Switched all the Tags
(Barry Ricks, Tim Stafford) 

1) The snow was falling down as I was getting up
I was trying to sneak a peek to see what Santa brought to me
I was all alone, my folks were sleeping like a stone
Then I made a plan, Mom and Dad I hope you’ll understand

CH) Oh, I love Christmas, I love Christmas
I loved every other one before, but never quite this much
Like a dozen days of celebration all rolled into one
it was the most fun that I’ve ever had
The Christmas I switched all the tags

2) As the sun was coming up, my family all came down
With sleep still in their eyes, imagine their surprise
Mom opened up a box of boxers and black socks
And Daddy held up with a frown, granny’s evening gown

BR) I wish that I’d been stronger, but I could hold it in no longer
And soon everyone was rolling on the floor
© 2019, Daniel House Music, Barralou Music