Mountain Man
Can’t see the sun till ten o’clock
It’s gotta climb over that mountain top
Like everything else in this place’ Has got to do.

Spend your whole life looking up
Trying to find something that you ain’t got
Don’t know what it is
But you know that it’s there

It’s the mountain they won’t share

Trying to get by, trying to live
Mountain gave all it’s gonna give
Blasted away for all it’s got
And now it’s a walmart parking lot

Well It’s easy to judge when your belly’s full
You can point your finger at the pitifull
While bitching about the service in the restaurant.

Never looking left nor right
Seeing no one that’s allright
Cause no one in the shadows ever bothers you
To your own self you’ll be true

Lord only knows how hard I’ve tried
To feed my family and just get by
Progress always passed me by
Was always someone else’s pie

When spring time comes I’m gonna go
All I’m doing is dying slow
I could a whole lot slower somewhere else

The mountains are all I ever known
It’s the only place that I’ve called home
Home is where the heart is so they say

Well this mountain man can’t stay.