Sleigh Full Of Toys
Sleigh Full Of Toys
@Rick Lang

Way up at the North Pole just beyond the Milky Way,
All of Santa's Elves, they’ve been workin' night and day.
Makin' lots of presents that will fill your heart with glee.
But they're runnin' out of time because tonight is Christmas Eve.
He's got a big surprise for all you girls and boys...
He’s got it right there,,,.in his sleigh full of toys.
….in his sleigh full of toys

He'll hitch up the Reindeer with Rudy at the lead.
They'll go flyin' through the night air at a frightful speed.
When they land on your rooftop, out steps ol' Saint Nick
And he'll fill his sack with all the goodies on your Christmas list.
Comin' down the chimney, he's bound to make a little noise...
Cause Santa's got a sleigh full….sleigh full of toys.

So try to be as good…. as you can be…listen up girls and boys
Cause Santa’s got somethin’ for you and me
There in his sleigh full…sleigh full of toys

He'll fill up every stocking hangin' by the fireside.
With coal if you've been naughty...with a toy if you've been nice.
He'll leave all those things you've wished for underneath the Christmas tree.
Then he'll have those milk and cookies you were kind enough to leave.
He's gonna' stop at every house to spread some Yuletide joy,
That's why Santa's got him…a sleigh full
….sleigh full of toys.