I Dreamed That I Was There
I Dreamed That I Was There
@Rick Lang

Last night as I lay sleeping, I had the strangest dream.
Oh it was like no other, because it seemed so real.
There was a baby in a manger on a hillside far away...
For last night I dreamed that I was there on that first Christmas day.

It was in a humble stable, the ground was covered with hay.
I could hear the cattle lowing, near where the baby Jesus lay.
And standing there beside Him, oh how so meek and mild...
The carpenter and Mary, mother of the Holy Child.

And as I stood there watching, a star rose from the east.
Lighting up the darkened pathway to where the Christ Child sleep.
And from high up in the Heavens you could hear the Angels sing...
Oh Emmanuel, Emmanuel, glory to the newborn king.

As the shepherds on the hillside, kept their watch by night.
An Angel sent from Heaven came down in a shining light.
Saying "fear not I bring you tidings of great joy for all of man...
For this night the King of Kings is born in the town of Bethlehem."

As I watched off in the distance three wise men did appear.
Bringing forth their gifts so precious, of gold, frankincense and myrrh.
And all the stars shone from the Heavens, glad rejoicing filled the air.
Oh last night as I lay fast asleep I dreamed that I was there...
Last night as I lay fast asleep I dreamed that I was there.