Heavenly Peace
Heavenly Peace
@Rick Lang

A humble stable in the town of Bethlehem,
An unlikely place for the birth of a King.
A newborn baby shivers from the cold,
Wrapped in swaddling clothes.

The Virgin Mary oh so meek and mild,
Her face beaming with love for her child.
She holds Him so closely to keep Him from harm,
There in the shelter of her arms.

These words She whispers in a voice soft and sweet,
"Close your eyes child and sleep...in Heavenly Peace."

A wooden manger they found for His bed,
A pillow of hay they made for His head.
There Jesus lay by the dim candle light,
On this holiest of nights.

Shepherds gather at the Saviors feet,
Joy fills their hearts as He sleeps...in Heavenly Peace.

* 3rd CHORUS
Three wise men follow that star from the east,
Bearing gifts for the Christ Child who sleeps...in Heavenly Peace.