Let Us Breathe Again
Do you remember a time
When the world fell asleep
the people were afraid
And we told them not to breathe
The children all stayed home
And the money it got tight
It was hard to be alone
Like a war without a fight

Oooooo we had share our lives
Through little screens with tired eyes
The world was paused in life and death
And oh we learned to hold our breath

The days grew long
And the lines the same
At the grocery store
Just to grab some things
A fiddle player sighed
And turned in his bed
He just turned in the papers
For a job behind a desk

Oooooh not a sound downtown
No voices sung no glasses rung
Tears in grandmas eyes
Her daughter is at the window afraid to come inside

The gardens grew tall
And the robins flew away
They were learning how to fly
When we were learning how to wait
We waited for a word
To magically be said
To open up the world
And let us breath again

Ooooh the music plays
The people laugh and shout and dance
A young man holds a stranger near
They sway and they kiss without fear