The Last Word 3:05

Songwriters and Publishers:
Jan Buckingham(Duckhouse Music/BMI) Annette Marie Barkley(Annette Barkley Music/SOCAN)Max Arthur Hutchinson(Max Hutchinson Music/SOCAN)
© All rights reserved

Contact Information: Annette Barkley (615)484-8560

We wrote this with Jan Buckingham in May 2017. She was on a roll that day, this was the third song in that writing session! This song is all Jan...her title and idea! She is a brilliant songwriter! Howie put a Rolling Stone twist on the music so it really rocks! We get a great response when we play it live and it's an audience participation song...even better!

We think it would make an ideal bachelorette party theme song. Nashville is the capital location for bachelorrette parties, we just need to get it played in all the bars and honky tonks downtown on Broadway.