Tequila Tobacca And Beer 3:41
Tequila Tobacca And Beer (3:41)

Songwriters and Publishers:
Annette Marie Barkley(Annette Barkley Music/SOCAN)
Jan Buckingham(Duckhouse Music/BMI)
© all rights reserved

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Well what do we have here in the middle of the Smokies
Somethin' that goes well with a little karaoke
When things gets tough and it gets rough
and just too much to bear
Nothin’ like this antidote
When life ain’t fair

Tequila Tobacca and Beer
That’s what we like around here
Every little shooter goes down a little smoother
Listenin' to Rye Cooder
Or something really weird
The more we drink the better it sounds
We’ll light one up and pass it around
The secret of life is crystal clear
Tequila tobacca and beer
Tequila tobacca and beer

Without a little somethin' life wouldn’t be worth livin'
We’d all be up a creek without our understandin' men & women
When we get loose stoned as a goose
They don’t mind at all
Nothin’ like some Jose Gold
To take the edge right off


Chew, spit, roll, smoke, knock ’em back
Take A Toke
E iy E iy E iy oh…yo yo yo

Repeat last line one more time

© all rights reserved
Annette Marie Barkley(Annette Barkley Music/ SOCAN)Jan Buckingham(Duckhouse Music/ BMI)

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annettebarkley@gmail.com (615)484-8560