3. Gimme Twang 3:16
Gimme Twang 3:16

Songwriters & Publishing:
Annette Barkley(Annette Barkley Music/SOCAN)
Tucker Bouler(Daisy Jay Music/ASCAP)
Max Hutchinson(Max Hutchinson/SOCAN)
© all rights reserved

Contact Information:
Annette(Nettie)Barkley (615)484-8560

There are so many variations of music styles these days so we wanted to pay respect to that pure "Twang" song. Of course we referenced the greatest "Twangers" of all time - Hank and George. This song was recorded by the fabulous and talented pure country artist Steff Nevers from Norway. It is track #9 on his Million Kinds Of Heaven album released in February 2015. Y'all get a copy - it's country to the bone. Thank you Steff!