2. TomBoy 2:42

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Annette Barkley(Songs Of Valhalla/ASCAP & Annette Barkley Music/SOCAN)
Roger Cook(Lucky 4 Music/PRS)
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Growing up a girl it wasn’t
Daddy wanted a boy but he got me
Had me choppin' wood in the
Took me fishing in the spring
Daddy taught me how to drive a tractor
Spent my weekends diggin' up the ground
Made me learn karate
Before he'd let me party in the town and all the kids around called me

Tomboy tomboy always been a tomboy
Mama said I was and she was right
I'd rather go out shootin' pool than dancin' any night
Tomboys tomboys we don't know we're tomboys
Just because we're tough it ain't a crime
Tomboys get to fall in love with cowboys all the time

I'd rather ride in a demolition derby
Than be a pretty girl on CMT
I love to go out huntin' on a Sunday
My old man, the blue tick hound and me
Now and then I dress up like a lady
If there ain't nothin' better else to do
That's when I get his attention
And did I mention lots of kisses too he don't seem to mind that I'm a

Repeat Chorus
Repeat last line of chorus

Annette Barkley(songs Of Valhalla/ ASCAP & Annette Barkley Music /SOCAN)
Roger Cook](Lucky 4 Music/PRS)
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