2. TomBoy 2:42

Songwriters & Publishing:
Annette Barkley(Songs Of Valhalla/ASCAP & Annette Barkley Music/SOCAN)
Roger Cook(Lucky 4 Music/PRS)
© all rights reserved

Contact Information:
Annette(Nettie)Barkley (615)484-8560

Howie Moscovitch- guitars and bass
Max Hutchinson- drums
Annette Barkley- vocals

This was my first time writing with Roger Cook. Roger is a major hit songwriter. He wrote "Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress" for The Hollies, "I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing" (The Coca-Cola), "I Just Want To Dance With You" for George Strait, "Talking In Your Sleep" for Crystal Gayle and the list goes on.

I was a little nervous but we hit it off and growing up a tomboy myself I could relate to this(I know a lot of girls will too). Roger likes to write on ukulele, so when I showed up he was strumming the intro lick on the ukulele. Roger has great memorable melodies. He has a wonderful sense of humor and the best parrot jokes! It was a lot of fun writing with Roger Cook, I really enjoyed it.