Not You & Me
NOT YOU & ME, Bruce Engler, ℗ & © 2020 Twincliff Music

Here we go again
Searching for the truth in a stack of lies
Pretty soon we’ll see
That we’re out of time

Walls have tumbled down
Borders disappeared in a world of change
We talk about a plan
But the threat remains

Don’t ya see
There’s only one opportunity
And what we do right now
Means everything

Look in the eyes of any child
Listen to all their dreams
Think about what we’ll leave behind
This world belongs to them, not you & me

A note left on the door
Says that it was time to relocate
We see it more & more
Still we debate

Shackles made of gold
Keep the conversation from taking place
Let’s call it what it is
Just a big disgrace

Don’t ya see
We can choose our reality
And if we think as one
We can choose our fate