Travelin' On
Well this road i'm travelin on
It's filled with holes wearin' out my soles don't even know where the hell it goes but i'm goin'
And these skies they're gettin' dark
The stars disappear behind the clouds it's startin' to rain but the thunders loud in my heart...
And it's time for me to run...
As far as I can get
like a wayward wind i'll blow right through can't keep my down I ain't got no roof over my head
and I'm travelin' on

There's a calm that fills the air
It's one that i've never felt before a feeling that theres so much more to lead me on somewhere
I've got this song in my guitar
It takes me back to different time a different world than yours or mine makes you wonder where you are

I may not be where I wanna be
But i've got the ground beneath my feet
That's all I'm ever gonna need
I'll keep goin'
Keep on rollin'
Like a river i'll keep ragin' on
Sunset brightens up my path see the way and I know that everything I need is down this road...
I'm travelin' on

Endless days miles I have known
Diamond sky to guide me there
state of mind without a care
Where I know i'm free to roam