Lila what haven’t you done?
Lila, what haven’t you done?
Oh, Lila, Oh

She sang at the church downtown
And when she sang all the people gathered around
They claimed she sang for god But she knew her voice was her own
Oh, Lila, Oh

Oh Lila what haven’t you done?
You fell in love with a couple guys But you gave your vows to one
Your love he was a farmer and he was a dreamer like yourself
Oh Lila, Oh

Oh Lila where haven’t you been?
You’ve been raising four children, pigs, a rooster and some hens
And you traveled in the war Then you traveled some more Just to make sense of what you’d seen
Oh Lila, life it ain’t no dream

Lila, you’re gone now
Your memory has slipped from this busy world somehow
I’m singing this song So at least they’ll know your name
Oh, Lila, Oh