Virginia Highland Wind
I think sometimes in sorrow the wind has learned to sing
It sings to me of ancient hills and I hear them call to me
Where crystal streams are flowing through land as old as time
As clear as southern sunlight as sweet as summer wine

Won't you fly me home Virginia Highland Wind
Drive away my longing and make me whole again
Take me to your mountain, make my wandering end
You're whispering my name, Virginia Highland Wind

They lived the Ten Commandments and prayed their souls to keep
their love runs silent, deep and rich when they see another's need
We share a common kinship, a common bond within
Please take me to my homeland, Virginia highland wind


I need to walk my mountain and find myself at peace
I need to touch the blessed land and make myself complete
the blood of generations will claim me as their own
until I rest beside them beneath the hills of home