Looking Forward To Looking Back
Grandma said that's me and him, in his daddy's Model-T
Taken with his mama's Kodak, in '43
We laughed, we cried, reliving life
And when we got to '78, she said,
Baby Girl that's you right there, with your first birthday cake.

I later learned the hard way, that grandmas always die,
But pictures live forever and that's why ...

I'm looking forward to looking back.
A patchwork of memories and good times we've had.
Snapshots in a shoebox or an old paper sack,
I'm looking forward to looking back.

A photograph's a time machine - go anywhere you want to,
I stop off in '81 or 2002.
Let my lips take another sip of yesterday's wine,
In black and white or color, I'm gonna let it all rewind.