Wander. Wonder
[Verse 1]
Half awake I wander through this house
Lost in a labyrinth and left with no way out
I built this hall of mirrors all myself
Faces staring back at me look like somebody else

Searchin' every room I am not free
To my dismay I have forgotten how to leave
And everywhere I turn's another wall
The doors are locked, trust me I know
'Cause I have tried them all

Good enough
Never good enough

Perfect, you're my poison
I sip on you to wash down the shame
And though I am hungover in the morning
Facedown in the carpet I feel safe

[Verse 2]
I am always wonderin' what you see
So I quietly conceal the dark inside of me
Sins and scars you'll never recognize
'Cause I am the master of maintaining my disguise