[Verse 1]
I sense there's trouble ahead
It's clear by the signs and warnings
That should tell where all blame is due
So why are they pointing at my head?
All have been led astray
We've all fallen short in some way
Please understand I'm ashamed
And I beg of you, please find your grace

'Cause I'm not in a right state of mind
I just wish I had strength to admit it
My stubbornness will put up a fight
But I don't deserve to win it
I'm left in the dark pondering my mistakes
But in the light, I swear I will
Deny it all

[Verse 2]
I sense deception to come
Honestly, truth and I are never one
'Cause I am the lying man
And I have made you my next victim
Oh, I need you to see through my act
To tell me I'm wrong, to take off the mask
Or else I'll be left in the lie
And I'll deceive myself straight to demise