Summer: Walk
The earth breathes deep and zealously
The waters move in amity
Go and play among the beasts, and never once know shame
You can roam around without a fear, just remember your name

The lion and the lamb, they harmonize
But even Eden’s home to demons, they can mesmerize
Keep your eyes on me, watch and learn how to be
If you keep ahold of me, you will truly be free

The sky is clear for all eternity
This ground is yours; what more could you ever need?

So let’s walk, me and my masterpiece

Into forever arm in arm
Feel the peace within the breeze, breathe in, you’re my work of art
Every morning you appear to be more and more like me
As you grow so does my love for thee, for you I’d split the sea

This garden ardently guards your every want
But I sense a lonesome life’s a burdened one
Take your slumber, you’ll awake to eyes like your eyes
Two hands that fit in your hands, bone of your bone

Come and walk, you and I
We walk, me and my masterpiece